The Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP) is an EcoVadis-powered sector initiative created by a group of hospitality companies and their key global procurement organizations. Each HARP member is committed to accelerating positive impact across the industry by improving the sustainability performance of hospitality suppliers and strengthening actions to support environmental, human and ethical practices over time.

Members benefits

HARP members engage suppliers in their sustainability rating and improvement journey as a peer group. Enrolling in this process offers various benefits, such as:

  • Stronger outreach to suppliers resulting in an increased coverage of the assessed supply base (higher supplier participation)
  • Increased visibility of the hospitality industry supply chain sustainability performance allowing to make informed decisions
  • Synergies in driving improvement with suppliers and third parties
  • A way to directly engage with industry peers and influential external stakeholders without infringing antitrust regulations.

Supplier benefits

If you have received a sustainability assessment request on behalf of a HARP, you are considered as a trading partner for at least one member of this Initiative. Enrolling in this process offers various benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency through sharing their scorecard with many customers at once
  • Greater visibility of industry leaders’ commitment to go beyond compliance and drive sustainability efforts in partnership with trading partners like yourself
  • Strengthen long-term customer relationships and receive valuable information about your positioning in all aspects of sustainability
  • Access to additional capacity building and engagement activities

Within our initiative companies can also:

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Allocation of best practices
Reduction of workload
Mitigation of duplication of effort (multiple, manual SAQs)
Concentration on industry-specific criteria
Improve recognition and collaboration
Acceleration of their sustainability journey